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From Dream to Reality

Changkran Khmer came to life through Chef Mongkol’s love for traditional Khmer cuisine and his drive to serve the less fortunate around him.

It is this passion that shaped Changkran Khmer into a training center for young Cambodians. We teach eager students cooking techniques to send guests on a culinary journey through our traditional Khmer tastes and flavors.

Prepare to go back in time as you uncover the secrets of our traditional Khmer cuisine. We’ll deliver an unparalleled fine dining experience infused with Cambodia’s unique stories and culture.

Locally Sourced

We create traditional Khmer cuisine true to its identity by merging our authentic flavors with international culinary techniques.

Cambodia’s unique traditions continually inspire Chef Mongkol to design menus that offer insight into the way we use local vegetables, fresh herbs, and available meats.

Every single dish you enjoy in Changkran Khmer was crafted with locally-sourced ingredients from  Siem Reap Province. Some include tropical fruits, lotus roots, edible flowers and water lilies.

Cooking Class

Learn the ins and outs of Khmer cooking with Chef Mongkol and his trainees. Join one of our Khmer cooking sessions for small to medium-sized groups.

The Restaurant

Changkran Khmer restaurant welcomes dining parties of any size. From large groups down to private romantic dinners. We can create different atmospheres upon request.


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Great Value and a Hidden Gem

Our evening was slightly marred by a late tuktuk pickup, but this was more than made up for by all the other outstanding aspects of our enjoyable experience at this lovely restaurant. There were some very thoughtful touches like the lemongrass welcome drink, cold towel, and free spring rolls. The food itself tasted excellent and was of great value — the pork belly, red curry, and chef’s salad are a must-have. Above all, the service we experienced on the night of 15 May was top-notch. Our host was warm, friendly, and always attentive to our every need.

Daving H., Singapore

Hidden Gem, Absolutely Fantastic

Came for dinner after reading some reviews on TA. Our experience says that some hidden places can be a really fantastic place to eat. This restaurant fully proved the rule.
Well hidden in small streets. Our tuk-tuk driver had to stop twice to ask for the road. Last 150 meters of half dark very narrow street with sudden turns was not promising to find the restaurant, but Oila! Here it was. So quiet and silent and calm. Only few guests and one could think we made a mistake, but no. We were greated at the very entrance by staff who were very friendly and helpful and nice. They took us to the upstairs terrace where we could enjoy the night freshness and nice interior. Air fans were on and made our stay even more nice. There was a good choice of food in menu. We received complimentary tea and spring rolls. Food was very nice and good quality and service at high level. We had beef soup (best of what we tried in the town) and beef with RED ANTS (!!!) which was just perfect. My friends had pork ribs (very nice) and beef steak (which could have been more soft).
For the drinks we had beer and wine. Also desert.
All was fantastic and at a very reasonable prices.
And the place! It is so quiet and tranquil. Just the opposite of the boosting Pub area! We felt like home.
Guys, you made our day! Special thanks to Mr. Rotha who was taking care of us.
I think you are doing a great job there and we wish you all the best in your business.
Thank you again for the great dinner and great night out. Success!

Megstu K., Lithuania

Lunch a hidden gem

Figured it would be too hard to find in the dark and on my own. Decided lunch was the go. Really hard to decide as the menu was all good, plus the specials board looked interesting to. Settled on salmon, cooked beautifully with a green sauce. House wine was great. Also noted they run 4 and 5 course menus as well.
Food was magic, students so willing. All in all well worth the walk. Great place for a special dinner. In Siem Reap do not miss this one. Get a Tuk Tuk though as hard to find. Will go back

Wendy, Australia

Too well kept a secret

We dined here in the middle of February after attending the Sacred Dancers of Angkor performance on the other side of the river. We were the only diners which, when we had finished a quite superb meal, left me amazed at how this venue is not on everybody’s radar.

Won’t repeat the principles on which this restaurant runs – read it all on their website – but it is worth supporting on that basis alone. Add to this the fact that the food is of such high quality and the staff so keen to make sure you have an enjoyable meal it is a tragedy that the place is not heaving with people every night.

The menu is varied and offered our jaded western palettes the opportunity to try some really authentic local cuisine – I will never look at red ants the same way ! It is also super value for money.

So Mr Rotha, Miss Ling, Mr Orm and Mr Pist – keep up the good work for your bosses. Everybody else – just go there !

Christ, United Kingdom

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