Who We Are

The Dream

Chef Mongkol and his wife had a dream.

They imagined being able to present fresh, new opportunities to young disadvantaged Cambodians.

Creating a sustainable path for those unable to afford a professional education became their first priority. He built an environment where experienced mentors can teach students English, train them for a career in the hospitality industry, and guide young Cambodians towards a brighter future.

Changkran Khmer came to life through Chef Mongkol’s love for traditional Khmer cuisine and his drive to serve the less fortunate around him. His passion shaped the restaurant into a training center for young Cambodians.

Changkran Khmer teaches eager students to send guests on a culinary journey through traditional Khmer tastes and flavors.

Prepare to go back in time as you uncover the secrets of our traditional Khmer cuisine. We’ll deliver an unparalleled dining experience infused with Cambodia’s unique stories and culture.

The Atmosphere

Changkran Khmer sits at the heart of Siem Reap inside a traditional Cambodian wooden house.

We offer two unique dining options.

Head upstairs to dine in style, surrounded by interesting local artwork and a stunning view over our lush green gardens. Or, get closer to nature and savor our authentic flavors amongst our gardens fragrant herbs, vegetables, and plants.

The Chef

Chef Mongkol Sing has spent his life cooking delicious Cambodian fare. He has honed his skills in various restaurants and international hotels in Cambodia and abroad. Changkran Khmer ties his two passions together perfectly. Everyday he enjoys sharing his skills and knowledge with students while serving up authentic Khmer cuisine you’ll love.

100% Fresh

Locally Sourced

High Quality

Unique Experience

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