Few weeks ago, the Harvest organization reached to us to organize a private group cooking class so they include it in their  team building program of several days.
It was a cooking class with 38 persons so we split   the group in several groups with their own cooking station and a cook to assist them.

To make things more challenging and for them to sample as much Khmer food as possible we prepared different plates. Among them was the traditional fish amok but also grilled salmon with green curry sauce and stir fried seafood with green pepper.


The cooking class went well and of course ended with a large tasty lunch. As you can see on the pictures, a Khmer cooking class can be a stimulating and   fun experience during a team building and a way to learn new cooking skills:)  You will see also that we had many good students as the presentation of the food was perfect:)


It you are interested in a Khmer private cooking class (individual or group), please contact us, we will come back  to you with a quote.



Cooking class

Team at work:)

Khmer Food

The final plates:)